PROJECT 4 – CONCEPT Development

CONCEPT Development

This project is largely self-directed and begins with a thoughtful consideration of each students self defining interests, inspirations, passions, activities and material interests beyond 2D Comp.  Questions like “What do I love to do?” and “What is important to me?” may be starting points. Keep in mind that the final product should be completely abstract and non-representational.

An exploration of contemporary artists driven by similar passions and/or exploring similar interests, activities, materials, etc. should raise questions like “What kind of art do I love/hate?” and “What kind of art do I want to make?” and even “What is art?” This exploration should lead each student to an artist or multiple artists to look at for methodological direction.

**********Contemporary Art: Is roughly 40 years (1970-Present-ish)                          more info here: Contemporary Art Definition

Some artists to look at: Elizabeth MurraySol Lewitt,  Georgia O’Keeffe,  Josef AlbersAl HeldSteven McCallumCarrie MoyerTrudy BensonArturo HerraraEllsworth KellyJonathan LaskerFrank StellaImran QureshiHasan ElahiCorrie SlawsonAisha KhalidTom DenlingerLaura NewmanMatthew GirsonAmbreen ButtJelena BerencScott A StackLinn MeyersAssaf EvronBrian GrimsonGunjan KumarSarah AhmedJames JankowiakShaurya KumarVibha MalhotraAnila Quayyum AghaIsabel ManaloJeremy FlickByron Kim

El AnatsuiDamien HirstJen StarkTakashi MurakamiMichael LoderstedtLesley MutchlerJulie EvansAmy RossJason UrbanEva WylieWalead BeshtyYayoi KusamaLouise BourgoiseWayne ThiebaudGlenn Ligon, Rosemarie Trockel, Barry McGeeTrenton Doyle HancockChuck CloseEllen GallagherPhilip GustonPeter HalleyDavid Hockney,  Jacob LawrenceKerry James Marshall,  Julie MehretuBeatriz Milhazes, Gerhard RichterChris OfiliShazia SikanderAlexandria SmithFred TomaselliGianna CommitoPhillip BuntinArron FosterJanice Lessman-Moss, Taryn McMahon,  Bridget Riley, Al Held

JUST ADDED! : Agnes MartinMichelle Grabner, Anna Mark ,Diana Guerrero-Maciá , Lee Krasner, Jack Sonenberg, Walter Chappell, Grace Hartigan, Alexander Calder, John Pipers

Chris Ofili, Jen Stark, Scott Olson, Jimmy Ernst, Olga Balema, Shawn Powell

4.1 – Research and Presentation

RESEARCH:  You will conduct research using the KSU collections archive, KSU library and the internet to find and choose one contemporary exhibiting abstract artist that interests you. Your artist should be working primarily in 2D media. Please do not pick an illustrator, muralist/graffiti artist or a tattoo artist. Your artist should be exhibiting in major art galleries and art museums. It can be an artist from the list above. This artist will sit at the nucleus of your research presentation and move out into broader themes. Other artist can enter based on connectivity.
Identify the genre of the artists work
Place the artist in a wider context in the history of art
Think critically about the work
 Be reflective and ask yourself WHY you are drawn to the artist

   What principles of 2D design (ORDER, COLOR, ACTION & CONCEPT) does the artist use                                   identify and give examples of topics or themes the artist uses                 The mode the work is made – woven paper, painted wood panel, collage, ink drawing…      Cultural inspiration within the artist work – nature, technology, the afterlife…

Example of how research might begin:


Now the most important part:

How do you respond to these elements found in research and make them your own?

Your artist needs to be selected and shared with me by TUESDAY, NOV. 21st

PRESENTATION: You will thoughtfully compile all the pertinent research about and based around your artist and present a five minute slide presentationYour presentation cannot be longer than five minutes. The last few slides of you presentation should contain ideas and sketches relevant to your proposed final project. What feeling, idea, message do you want to convey to the viewer? Using the topics we have learned in class how will you achieve it visually? What material does it need to be?

Please rehearse before hand and have your notes handy so you don’t go off the point you are trying to make. Please do not discuss where and when the artist was born unless it relates to work directly. Talk precisely about the artwork. Five minutes go by very fast. I will give everyone 5 minutes afterwards for Q&A and for the next person to get ready. You will not be allowed to do anything when someone is giving a presentation. Come prepared so you are focused and you can just enjoy other people’s presentations. This way we can all learn in depth about multiple artists and share knowledge.
PRINTED VERSION: On the day of the presentation, you should also present a printout of your individual report. This report should accompany images of artist’s work.


Schedule chosen at random and posted here the week of.

4.2 – Blog archive of artists

This will be an ongoing list of artworks that you like. Please make sure you add an image along with the label info and your own personal note for each image. You should have at least 10 artworks in your list but can put more. Please rank your top five artworks for further clarity.


4.3 – Artwork

Part 1 and 2 are designed to assist you in planning and creating your final project. Come up with your own conceptual 2D art piece. Your piece must utilize 3 aspects of 2D composition we learned in class. This can be a mix of Gestalt Principles of composition, color relativity, schemes & mixing and/or 2D illusions of space and motion. Pull from all the exercises we did over the last 3 months to create a strong  piece of artwork.

Your final artwork can be of any size and done in any 2D media (painting, collage or digital). Your artwork must be based in abstraction and non-representation. You will not begin your piece until you have completed the research, presentation and blog archive of artist. All of that information is to feed your idea and you must speak with me about your idea before starting.



5:30 – 8:15 P.M.


DEC. 12

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