PROJECT 2.3 (A & B)


NOTE: This is a collaboration between all five sections of 2D COMP classes.

  • Students will work in small groups and will be assigned a faculty member by their instructor.
  • Using colored tape, simple geometric shapes and color pattern students will create a system around the art building to guide visitors to that faculty’s office/studio. This navigation system will start from the atrium and go in different directions. These vinyl pieces will be installed on the most lower edge of the walls.
  • As a class we will decide on a line pattern for our 4 faculty – we will consider color, shape and proximity. Think about simple, easy to cut,  geometric shapes such as square, circle, triangle, diamond… Continuation of these colored shapes will hopefully allow visitors to visually ‘connect the dots’ and function as a guiding path.
  • Each group will brainstorm a dynamic way to document the making and installation process to share on the blog. Think about a photo series, Gif,  video, stop motion animation etc…
  • Students will also go to blogs of other course sections and leave a comment on at least 3 blogs.

Faculty – Art Education

Linda Hoeptner Poling     267G

Juliann B. Dorff     267A

Koon-Hwee Kan     267E

Robin Vande Zande     267D

2.3 (B)

  • Take a selfie in square format.
  • Simplify the selfie by isolating and flattening colors so there is no gradation. Try out different filters to see how what works. Try using one or a combination of these programs/apps – PicsArt ,  ArtEffect, Graphic and Photoshop in the Visual Resource Center. Keep in mind you will be painting this so the simpler it is, the better it will be for you later.
  • Once you have a basic color pallet and overall abstracting filter, divide it into four equal quadrants. Top left section is original colors, top right in de-saturated colors, bottom left is tinted and bottom right is shaded. Please see the below diagram.
  • Once divided and the image is sized to an 8″x8″ (the four sections will be each 4″x4″ squares).
  • Then print your digital version to serve as a tracing tool and a general color guide. You will then CAREFULLY paint each quad.

The example below is obviously a DIGITAL RENDERING – which is not your final goal! You will be mixing pigment and painting your image on Stonehenge.

Selfie project

DUE DATE FOR BOTH PROJECTS: OCTOBER 24th at the beginning of class

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