Project 1.3

For project 1.3 you will collaborate in groups of three.  Using your gestalt principle circle designs, you will recreate/reenact compositions utilizing a human element – such as your hand, arms or full body.  Each person in the group should select three of their own gestalt circle compositions to recreate. As a group you will brainstorm the planning, staging and props needed for each photograph.  In total each group will end up with 9 photographs.

DUE on BLOG: Tuesday, 9/19

* All 9 photographs and dot compositions

DUE printed & glued to stonehenge: 9/21

Your final designs & photographs will be printed in a black & white square format, printed and glued onto Stonehenge paper. Four will be selected for page 4 of  your PIB. One design will be selected for page 5 of your PIB.

Examples for page 4:


Examples for Page 5:


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