Project 1.1


Gestalt definition: Organized whole

 Gestalt principles describe how our brains perceive unity and variety. Unity, variety, and the contrast between them is fundamental to effective visual art, and the same concepts appear in music, dance, theater, literature, design, architecture & Fashion.

The 6 listed principles work together to link multiple parts into a unified whole:

CONTINUITY – fluid connection and/or linear flow

CONTAINMENT – visual zone with perceived boundary

CLOSURE – connecting fragments to form a whole

REPETITIONregular recurrence of one element

SIMILARITY– repeating a similar visual element(s)

PROXIMITY – near elements that appear related

The theory that visual information is understood holistically before it is examinedScreen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.49.03 AM.png. Gestalt theory identifies the psychological mechanisms by which we perceive a unified “whole” or “form” before we examine individual elements.

Used in combination with the elements and principles of 2D design – Gestalt theory helps us organize, identify and make  “successful design” choices.


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This assignment consists of two main components that will make up your PIB (physical inventory book) page #1 & your DIB (Digital inventory book) #2


PIB #1: You will hand draw dot/circle compositions directly illustrating each Gestalt Principle. You will use sharpie markers, circle template, pencil / erasure and provided gridded paper. Hand draw  24 designs using sharpie markers and the provided grid. They should be labeled for a specific category of Gestalt Principle. Do NOT erase/destroy/cross-out any design. Bring all your designs to the class on 9/7. We will pick 12 best design for the portfolio.

1.1 Part A – DUE 9/7


DIB #2:  Using Graphic App, open grid mask here and render two sets of 12 black and white dot compositions based on Gestalt Principles. You will print your drawings and bring them to class on 9/12. 

1.1 Part B – DUE 9/7

Note: these 24 original compositions must be examples of the 6 Gestalt Principles. You with work with classmates and myself to choose the most successful drawings and digital renderings that will be carefully cut and glued onto Stonehenge paper using this layout:

PIB Page #1 Layout

Other Gestalt resources –

Article: Smash Mag- Principles of Gestalt

Slideshow:  2D_ElementsPrinciples_Gestalt

Robert Mangold – Circles!





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